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The Huntdown
Name: Andre David
Claim to Fame, Minnesota: hit a home run in his first major league at-bat for the Twins in 1984, joining the likes of Gary Gaetti, Dave McKay, Rick Renick and, as of last night, Luke Hughes. Unfortunately for David, he should have pulled a Costanza and retired right there, as it proved to be the high point of his major league career. Also sported a classic ‘80s mustache-and-glasses look that is uncannily reminiscent of Eddie Murphy in this classic SNL skit
Claim to Fame, Everywhere Else: Played college ball for Cal State-Fullerton.
Where He Is Now: is a hitting coach in the Royals farm system, where he joins fellow obscure former Twins Nelson Liriano, Brian Buchanan and Rusty Kuntz. 
Glorious Randomness: David’s hometown of Chatsworth, California, is the birthplace of Mr. Ed and has been home to both Ayn Rand and Kevin Federline. Sadly, Rand’s death in 1982 leaves us without any chance for an Ayn and Kevin: Chaotic reality show, which could have chronicled the unlikely romance between the “dancer, rapper, fashion model and actor” and the Objectivist haranguer.
Proprietor Did You Know: Along with Rocket, we used to call Nelson Liriano "Nelson Mandeliano."

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