The Minnesota Zephyr enjoyed a storied life in Stillwater for more than two decades, but a locomotive parked on city land has derailed good feelings over the former dinner train.

"We're just tired of waiting," City Administrator Larry Hansen said Friday.

The city issued an abatement order to Zephyr owner David Paradeau to move the locomotive because it's sitting on city property in a flood zone. Last summer Paradeau moved six of the eight Zephyr cars to Bayport, awaiting a possible buyer, but one locomotive remains on his property at the Zephyr depot on N. Main Street.

Paradeau should have removed the second locomotive from city land by Saturday, Hansen said. Paradeau appealed to the city for a 35-day extension and the City Council will review that request at Tuesday's regular 7 p.m. meeting at City Hall, Hansen said.

"When we start fighting floods in the spring we don't have time to be dealing with a train that's in the way," he said.