Vehicles are once again traveling across the Stillwater Lift Bridge, and boat traffic is able to pass under it after the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) on Wednesday afternoon completed repairs on a frayed cable on the 82-year-old span.

The bridge was closed in its lowered position as a precaution on Sunday night when crews noticed the damaged cable that hoists the bridge vertically 57 feet above the normal level of the St. Croix River to let boats pass under it. The normal lift schedule was suspended and the lift span was in the down position until repairs were completed.

The bridge closed at noon Wednesday to vehicles to allow the repairs to be done and allow inspection of the lift system. It reopened by 4 p.m. and was back to normal operations.

MnDOT officials initially were unable to find a replacement cable locally, and feared a delay in repairs, but one was located.

Jim Anderson