Roger Waters at the X

Star Tribune photo by Carlos Gonzalez


Have a couple of birthday glasses of wine and then Tweet a rumor. Despite whom some rock writer (who shall remain nameless now) thought he saw Monday at Bar La Grassa in Minneapolis with Roger Waters’ party, David Gilmour did not join his ex-Pink Floyd partner onstage Wednesday at Xcel Energy Center.
The birthday boy claims he saw Gilmour, so  he tweeted it, this blog picked it up and KQ blasted it  all over its Morning Show. Those rumors  produced a run at the box office on Wednesday, as all the unsold pricey tickets ($201) got gobbled up, making it a true sellout.
For those who don't know the back story, Waters left Floyd in 1985 over differences with Gilmour, who retained the band's name and has since recorded and toured as Pink Floyd. In 2005, Pink Floyd reunited for four songs at the Live 8 benefit and Waters and Gilmour played four songs in July 2010 at a gig for one of Gilmour's favorite charities. In turn, he promised to show up at one gig on Waters' "The Wall" tour.
My colleague Chris Riemenschneider thought at least three of the guys onstage Wednesday with Waters looked vaguely like Gilmour. Not that the Pink Floyd guitarist is a distinguished looking chap at this point.  On the other hand, Waters, at 67, certainly is. He looked like a caricature of Richard Gere (he’s taller with a longer face, and Brett Favre-like biceps).
Since there was no Gilmour, Waters had three guitarists (including Snowy White – does he look like a thin Gilmour?—and G.E. Smith, who has a distinctive un-Gilmourian mug) and vocalist Robbie Wyckoff to play the parts of Gilmour. Among the male backing vocalists were Michael, Kipp and Mark Lennon. Kipp is the younger brother of the famous Lennon Sisters of Lawrence Welk fame; Mark and Michael are his cousins and the Lennon boys perform as a group called Venice.
Well, that's the minutaie. Click here for my full review. And in case you don’t know all the song titles from “The Wall,” here’s the set list:
First act: In the Flesh/ Thin Ice/ Another Brick in the Wall Part 1/ Happiest Days of Our Lives/ Another Brick in the Wall Part 2/ Mother/ Goodbye Blue Sky/ Empty Spaces/ Back to the Wall/ Young Lust/ One of My Turns/ Don’t Leave Me Now/ Another Brick in the Wall Part 3/ Goodbye Cruel World
Second act: Hey You/ Is There Anybody Out There/ Nobody Home/ Vera/ Bring the Boys Back Home/ Comfortably Numb/ The Show Must Go On/ In the Flesh/ Run Like Hell/ Waiting for the Worms/ Stop/The Trial/ Outside the Wall


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