If I want to recharge my batteries, into the great outdoors I go. One of the most relaxing and affordable ways to get away is to go camping. Camping with a one year old? That's another story.

After returning from a fun, yet exhausting adventure with good friends (Honey, the baby's eating dirt again, Quick, honey, the baby's making a beeline for the fire, again, you get the picture), the McGuires are thinking about switching the week-long camp-out we have planned in August to a week-long staycation. But it looks as if the staycation is so 2009.


According to a new survey from U.S. News and Chase, more Americans are planning to hit the road this summer. Last year, three in 10 respondents said they were axing the typical summer trip compared to about half that number this year.

More insight from the survey:

The most popular activities planned for this summer include taking a road trip (55 percent) and trips to the beach (48 percent). Movies (53 percent), summer music concerts (38 percent), and minor league baseball games (26 percent) are closer-to-home activities that are also high on the agenda for many consumers this summer.

If we do stay home, we might just enjoy all of those activities. The trouble with staying home is that you can't really get away from the to-do list. If you have ideas about how to stay home without tackling the to-do list and being driven insane by the nagging feeling that there'e something you should be doing, shoot your tips my way.

Now, the survey is to be taken with a grain of salt. It's my guess that the survey was ordered up to get us to the press release punch line: That the Chase Freedom credit card has fabulous summer travel deals.

This summer, Chase's Freedom card is offering 5 percent cash back on up to $1,500 on travel-related purchases  - from gas in the tank to plane tickets and hotel stays. Discover has a similar promotion, although not as generous.