A St. Paul woman broke into a stranger’s home, climbed into bed with the family’s sleeping 9-year-old daughter and put her arm around the girl, according to charges filed Thursday.

Shannon M. Kiesner, 26, had been drinking earlier in the day, and terrorized the St. Paul family by breaking glass and screaming, according to one count of first-degree criminal damage to property filed in Ramsey County District Court.

According to the complaint: On Tuesday, a woman who lives in the home heard a noise at the door and thought it was her husband returning home from work. She opened the window shade and saw Kiesner standing on the other side of the door.

Kiesner tried to open the door. The woman called her husband, and Kiesner began breaking glass and screaming, “Help! Please!”

The woman and her children hid in a bathroom and called police, the complaint said.

The charges said the family’s daughter was sleeping in the basement when Kiesner climbed into bed with her. It’s unclear, according to the complaint, whether that occurred before or after the girl’s mother saw Kiesner at the door. The girl scratched Kiesner’s neck.

“What is wrong with you?” Kiesner said. “Help me!”

“Kiesner grabbed a lamp and turned it on and off repeatedly,” the complaint said.

Police arrested Kiesner, who had shards of glass stuck to her clothing and cuts to her hands. Kiesner told police she had attended a Wild hockey game with her boyfriend, and that the two fought afterward.

She said she took a cab to a restaurant and bar after becoming separated from her boyfriend, had four or five beers “and must have ‘blacked out,’ ” charges said.

Kiesner broke a window and door at the home, causing about $3,399 in damages.

Kiesner’s boyfriend told police she blacked out on St. Patrick’s Day, and that she had about five beers and five shots when they were together.

Kiesner was convicted of two counts of disorderly conduct in 2012. In that case, she tried to kick out the windows and doors of a squad car when she was placed in the vehicle as officers helped her boyfriend. Kiesner took a preliminary breath test, and registered 0.235, court documents show.

Kiesner then kicked a Mound police detective in the groin while being transferred for transportation to detox.


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