About 800 family members and friends, including three-fourths of the St. Paul Police Department and members of several other law enforcement agencies, said goodbye to St. Paul officer Josh Lynaugh Friday.

Lynaugh, 30, died Feb. 16 of complications from a heart attack he suffered the week before after chasing a juvenile on foot. Lynaugh's funeral services were held Friday morning at the Cathedral of St. Paul with burial at Fairview Cemetery in Stillwater.

Co-workers and clergy shared stories about Lynaugh, including his desire as a child to become a police dog, an anecdote that lifted the heavy mood. Lynaugh's father, retired Sgt. Tim Lynaugh, was a K-9 officer with St. Paul police.

St. Paul Police Chief Thomas Smith recalled Lynaugh's initiative with his partner and other officers to create a human chain to rescue a man in the Mississippi River in the middle of the night.

"He was a beloved son, a friend to many and a protector to the city of St. Paul," Smith said. STAFF REPORT