New trash carts are rolling into St. Paul.

Starting Monday and running through the next six weeks or so, the city will deliver 74,000 new garbage carts to property owners. The delivery is part of the city's Citywide Garbage Services, to begin Oct. 1.

All residential properties with up to four units will receive a new cart. Residents are urged to keep their new carts somewhere secure, and not put them out in the alley or driveway until after Sept. 28.

"We continue to work with the St. Paul Haulers LLC to ensure a smooth transition to citywide garbage service," said Public Works director Kathy Lantry. "We appreciate the continued help from St. Paul residents, and remind them to use their current garbage cart through the week of September 24-28."

Garbage haulers will begin removing the old garbage carts on Sept. 24. Carts must be empty in order to be collected.

Property owners were asked in May to select a bin size and service level as part of the city's new organized trash collection system. More than 54 percent submitted choices; those who didn't will receive the same size cart they currently have. Those who didn't previously have garbage service will be assigned a medium-sized cart.

Property owners will be able to change their cart size once a year for free. Because of the scale of the rollout, city officials said the first chance customers will have to change their cart size will be Jan. 1, 2019.

For more about the new collection system — including each property's hauler, level of service and collection day — go to or call the city's garbage information line at 651-266-6101.