A reporter's e-mail inbox receives an impressive stream of news releases from interest groups, politicians and businesses seeking attention for their next big idea, event or random thought.

Usually, these mass alerts get trashed because reporters generally don't get the good stuff from news releases delivered simultaneously to all their competitors in town.

Once in an incalculably rare while, a publicity-seeking missive gets attention. That was the case with the news release from Skylark Dry Cleaners, which claims to be "ecologically friendly and dirt hostile." The cleaners is set to open Saturday at 1530 W. 7th St. in St. Paul with what it bills as a "gala."

The one-page release, heralding "Five Reasons You Should Care that a New Dry Cleaner is Opening," raised eyebrows and smiles around St. Paul City Hall this week.

First, Skylark purports to be the "greenest dry cleaner" in the Twin Cities. "Our machines are LITERALLY endorsed by the EPA," the release said. "If you don't believe us, you better come see for yourself and we'll show you just how green we are." 

Second, Skylark claims to be thriving in a down economy and throws down a challenge: "We bet you a 15% discount on your next load you can't find a faster growing dry cleaner in St. Paul."

No. 3 is doughnuts from Skylark's scrumptious new neighbor: Mojo Monkey. "Can anyone seriously pass on free donuts?"

Reason No. 4: Skylark touts its role in a "West Seventh Street Revival."

Reason No. 5 is, "Seriously? We need five?"

The "grand opening gala" runs from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday with tours, doughnuts and a discount for dry-cleaning dropoffs.

Also, befitting such an event, "local dignitaries will be giving free speeches." 

The "genius" who wrote the release is Nate Dybvig of www.spinfirm.com. The owner who let 'er rip is Michael Guest.

Rochelle Olson • 651-925-5035