Even though women have been taking photographs since the medium's inception, there's apparently still so much novelty in their ability to click a shutter that the Mpls Photo Center could do an international call for pix by women and get entries from 14 countries and 25 states. Who would have imagined? Surprisingly, a preview online look at the show's catalog suggests that there may indeed be something special about the exhibit, which is being billed as "a smart and critical take on women with cameras in this day of a more open and subtle notion of gendered identity." So check it out. The photo above by Ellen Skoro graces the cover of the show's catalog. (Opening reception 7-10 p.m. Fri., free. Ends April 17. Mpls Photo Center, 2400 N. 2nd St. 612-643-3511 or www.mplsphotocenter.com)