The first anniversary of Michael Jackson's death is today, so expect craziness and endless maudlin tributes. The image above is from Idolator's collection of peculiar MJ Ebay items; for more, go here. Elsewhere around the world,Tragic seismic king-loss leads to slumber parties:

Michael Jackson fans around the world began Friday marking the first anniversary of the music icon's death, with events from candlelight vigils to slumber parties planned in honor of the tragic superstar. Jackson, 50, died from a drug overdose at a rented Los Angeles mansion on June 25 last year, a seismic celebrity death that triggered a global outpouring of tributes for the eccentric genius known as "The King of Pop."

He wasn’t really known as the king of pop. He wanted people to call him that, so lazy writers used the term because “The Gloved One” was no longer appropriate.

Flowers began piling up in Tokyo where 50 diehard fans paid more than 1,000 dollars each to attend a sleepover inside an exhibition space showcasing some of the singer's belongings.

A thousand dollars to sleep with his toys and cufflinks. Wow. Well, if they have any money left over, they can recapture the magic of the early 80s with the item below. Remember when Claymation artfully fused the nation's concepts of soul music and raisin consumption? Heady days.

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