With water temps statewide hitting new highs for the year you should consider your arsenal of tactics incomplete unless you have one component available....SPEED. As temps rise there is usually what seasoned anglers refer to as a speed bite...when fish respond favorably to baits retrieved at the highest speeds possible. Speed puts a few things in your favor as a method to trigger bites.
The Reaction bite: when a bait moves quickly fish have only seconds to decide to eat or not and studying your lure is not an option either. Strikes tend to be very hard as the fish usually moves a short distance and then creams the bait.

Less visual confirmation: when your bait is moving quickly visual clues tend to diminish in a whirl of motion making it more difficult for a fish to decide if your presentation looks "right".

Sound: in general you are making a lure louder to the fish when it is moving fast...displacing more water and bringing attacks from greater distances.

Coverage: you simply get your bait in front of more prospects in a given day...uping your odds of encountering an active/aggressive fish.

So in order to get speed you need to concentrate on certain baits....ones that work at high speeds and won't "blowout" at higher speeds. Bucktails and other inline spinners like the famous Double Cowgirl's can be retrieved at high speeds easily. Certain topwaters work well at high speeds, the LOW Rider, Pacemaker, Super Topraider and Twisted Sister come to mind. Crankbaits: some work at high speeds some roll and blowout, experiment a bit...the Wileys, Jakes and Depthraiders  as well as some of the lipped soft plastics do well here.

Getting the speed: while casting a large high speed reel is a must, Both Diawa and Schimano make great light Saltwater reels than do well in this application, in general think big spool big gears and a fast ratio. The new Revo by Abu does well with lighter baits if that is what you want to throw. Thorne Bros. in Fridley has a great selection of these specialty reels and know what you need.

Trolling can be the ultimate speed presentaion, certain baits can be run up to 6mph and fish WILL chase them down. Adding weight ahead of a Double Cow Girl or Super Model was very effective for me last season and enables you to troll these baits at 4-6 mph all day...faster than you can reel and less effort !!!!!! plus you are showing them something the don't usually see....extreme speed...react or starve  sucker !!!

So try a little speed when all else fails...it could save your day

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