A Spam and cheese burger?  Burger King has it – in Japan.

Fast feeder Burger King recently launched a new Spam and cheese burger on its breakfast menu in Japan, more testimony to the canned pork’s particular popularity in Asia and the Pacific.

Spam, of course, is the pride of Hormel Foods, and is produced at a large plant in Hormel’s hometown of Austin. The company makes trademark licensing agreements with restaurant chains that use the Spam name.

As for the new Burger King offer, the website Japan Today describes it as a slice of Spam topped with pickles, cheese, mayo and lettuce, all on whole grain bun.

Hormel says Burger King has featured Spam burgers in Japan, the Phillipines and Hawaii. Another chain in Japan, Freshness Burger, features a Spam burger as part of its regular menu.

McDonald’s has also long offered Spam items on its menu in Hawaii, a Spam mecca.

Rick Williamson, a Hormel spokesman, said in an e-mail that there are many locations both in the United States and across the globe that offer Spam on their menus.

Indeed, the Gothamist website reported last month that Spam is a blossoming at hip New York City restaurants.

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