A 21-year-old South St. Paul man has pleaded guilty to going on Twitter and threatening to kill members of law enforcement in reaction to getting a speeding ticket.

Harrison W. Rund pleaded guilty Monday in Dakota County District Court to terroristic threats, a felony. Sentencing is set for Jan. 20.

The Twitter posts made from Rund’s @Tha_Answer23 account included “they don’t call me the cop killer for no reason,” “im gonna kill 5 police officers today” and “im literally thinkin about just startin to hunt and kill cops.”

In one tweet — “throw a grenade in the room, watch all you coppers kaboom” — a photo is attached of St. Paul police being led by a training officer, according to the complaint. In some of the tweets, Rund refers to being pulled over by a state trooper the night before.

After Rund was arrested at his home, he told police that he said some things that he shouldn’t have said on Twitter because he had a bad experience with authorities.

According to the complaint, Rund was stopped by the State Patrol at 1:29 a.m. Tuesday in St. Paul. He was ticketed for speeding and charged with possessing a small amount of marijuana. Rund was convicted of both offenses.

Rund’s attorney, Steven Grimshaw, said Tuesday that his client “accepted responsibility right off the bat … and that was an element [of the case] that the government had that they needed.”

Grimshaw said his hope is that Judge Timothy McManus will sentence Rund to a gross misdemeanor count and keep him from shouldering the burden of a felony conviction on his record.

“It was a stupid thing to do after he had had some alcohol,” Grimshaw said. “This young kid has the rest of his life to live. … It really is for him a difficult thing to move on from. Jobs, school, getting an apartment: All of those things are very challenging.”