***UPDATE: Local copies of the new 7-inch coming out on Record Store Day (about 100 copies, we're told) will be autographed by the musicians involved. Something nice for the hometown fans. Also, you can add Roadrunner Records in south Minneapolis to the list of local shops getting it in stock.

The next and most localized installment of the “Songs for Slim” 7-inch series -- with Curtiss A backed by the Minus 5 on one side, and Tim O’Reagan and Jim Boquist on the other -- will arrive in time for Record Store Day next Saturday.

Curt covers what seems like a suitable choice of Slim Dunlap songs for his talents, “Rocking Here Tonight,” while Tim and Jim take on Slim’s “Cozy,” which the promo for the single rightfully calls “a ‘shoulda been’ hit if ever there was one." In each case, there’s some extra star power behind the singers. The Minus 5 lineup with Curt features core members Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey (a.k.a. R.E.M.’s guitarists) along with John Moen and Nate Query (a.k.a. the Decemberists’ rhythm section).

As for O’Reagan and Boquist  -- the former of Jayhawks fame, and the latter of early-era Son Volt -- they got Dunlap’s old Replacements bandmate Paul Westerberg to play guitar on their track. Love the irony: PW playing sideman to two exceptional sidemen. Both O’Reagan and Boquist, by the way, used to play with one of the stars of the next single in the series, Joe Henry, whose Slim 7-inch will be split with Jakob Dylan.

Unlike the first two singles in the series, next week’s “Songs for Slims” installment will hit participating RSD stores in limited quantity (1,000 copies) and will not be up for auction. The list price is a mere $7.99. The trick will be nabbing one before they're gone. I have confirmation that at least the Electric Fetus and Treehouse Records will have it locally, and probably several more of the shops, too.

Meanwhile, New West Records is also releasing the basic, no-frills 12-inch vinyl version of the Replacementsfive-song “Songs for Slim” EP on Tuesday -- also geared toward RSD. The list price for that is $12.98, and it will be more widely available. All proceeds from the sales of these items go toward Slim Dunlap's medical expenses in the aftermath of his massive stroke last year.

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