Two pigs on the loose in a north Minneapolis residential neighborhood were corralled by authorities Friday morning, and we're not talking about the porky, little pet variety.

These were "two farm pigs, not [the] pet type, running loose," said police Sgt. William Palmer. They were rounded up about 8 a.m. in the 2300 block of Emerson Avenue N.

Once the five- to seven-minute pursuit was over, the pigs were sent to the pokey by an Animal Care and Control agent and a police officer, Palmer added.

"Where they came from has not been determined," said Palmer, who added that one was a male and the other a female, both several months old.

The pigs are now residing at the city's animal shelter, and officials have asked on the city's Facebook page: "Did anyone lose a pair of pigs today?"

City spokesman Matt Lindstrom said that if the owner "doesn't come forward, we'll work with partners to find these pigs a good home, most likely a farm."

Paul Walsh