Voters at 18 polling places in Minneapolis may get a second 35-candidate mayoral ballot on their way out Tuesday.

No, they're not being asked to vote twice. THe ballot is actually part of an exit poll being conducted by Edison Research on behalf of FairVote Minnesota, the folks behind ranked-choice voting.

The two-sided document asks voters to indicate their three preferences in the mayoral race, along with demographic information and some assessment of the process. The key question: "In your opinion, how simple was ranked choice voting to use in today's election?"

The sample ballot lists the 35 mayoral candidates alphabetically (Anderson to Zimmerman), unlike that on the actual, official ballot. That's to make the candidates easy to find, noted FairVote Minnesota executive director Jeanne Massey.

The exit polls are distributed among all the city's 13 wards, and are sufficient to generate a statistically significant number of responses, Massey said. Results should be known next week.