I'm a sucker for exotic homes. Like this one, a Moorish-in-Minnesota fantasy inspired by the Alhambra, a medieval palace in Spain.


I'd kill to live in a house like this. But first I'd have to get divorced. My husband's taste is a lot more mainstream. He likes four-square Colonials with sensible white walls. The few times we've come across a truly unusual and beautiful home that we could actually afford, he's always managed to resist its charms and magnify its quirks. The three houses we've owned together have all been compromises.        

Yes, I know -- compromise is part of marriage. But every married person has their little fantasies. Not just about the perfect partner but about the perfect home we could create if we didn't have to take someone else's taste and habits into account.

I know I'm not alone. My fellow Homegirl Kim Ode blogged yesterday about "Second chance" decorating. Huff Post blogger Liz O'Donnell wrote last month about "Divorce houses." These are "the houses married women imagine moving into when we fantasize about what life would be like if we lived alone and could decorate without compromise." Her fantasies run to antiques and feminine colors -- with no baseball bobbleheads and sports trophies!

When I'm not fantasizing about Moorish castles or George Clooney's estate on Lake Como, I sometimes  fantasize about a duplex. That way, my husband and I could enjoy each other's company without having to "enjoy" each other's decorating and housekeeping. 

What's your "divorce house" fantasy? And, guys, don't be shy. We know you have your fantasy homes, too.