In my Zite feed was a link to a YouTuvbe roundup of snow-storm videos. Not blizzard: snow-storm. That wasn’t a blizzard. Too leisurely. Anyway, it called the storm “Caesar,” which was something of a surprise: since when did we start naming our storms? What were the first two, Agrippa and Brutus? Speaking of which:

RUH-RO, RIRTY-RAR RIRE-RUP They’re calling the condition of the roads a “rutty residue,” which sounds like Scooby Doo is doing the traffic reports. The ruts are bad, but at least you can use them to stay in your lane. It’s the thin strips of ice on the highway that slow things down, because people drive along at the usual speed, feel the ice under their wheels as they change lanes (without signalling), then hit the brakes, which makes everyone hits the brakes, and slows down the lane for a mile or two.

Sometimes it’s enough just to take your foot off the gas. But that’s assuming you have a car in the first place. Really should have posted this yesterday; if you got towed because you didn’t see this, our apologies.




IT’S A STREETLIGHT Since we made fun of UFOlogists yesterday, here’s some more UFO stuff from Brooklyn. It’s our old friend the slow-moving silent triangular formation. Standard blog policy against embedding vids with extra-crispy cussing ensures you must click HERE of your own volition. What’s peculiar, perhaps: San Francisco had the same formation last Sunday, and people stood on the ground using NSFW language there, too. Everyone says they’re flying Chinese Candle Lanterns.

Note: it’s not a streetlight. That’s a reference to one of the 12 great Fark threads, which I was lucky enough to experience in real time.


RE-RE-RE-REBOOT Watched the Spider-Man reboot last night. Needless emo mishmash. How many sequels are planned? Nine? Anyway, here’s another reboot: The Saint.

Eliza Dushku will star as Patricia Holm, the on-again, off-again love interest of lead protagonist Simon Templar, who is being played in the reboot by Adam Rayner (the BBC's "Hunted"). Holm was not a factor in the original TV series and has been portrayed on-screen only once, by actress Jean Gillie in the 1943 film "The Saint Meets the Tiger."

This was the Saint in those days:



Who was the Saint supposed to be? One of those roguish types with a checkered background who went straight, floated around the 30s fighting the usual suspects - drug dealers, con men, slavers, and the like. The Robin Hood of Crime, as they said. Come the War, he was an Axis-smasher, of course. (Just like Sherlock Holmes in those anachronistic movies.) If people know the character today, it’s from Roger Moore’s pre-Bond stint as Simon Templar - ST, get it? - and not much else. Val Kilmer was in a Saint movie in the 90s; no one cared.

There was another Saint between Hugh Sinclair and Roger Moore:


Price did the character on the radio for years. (The existing eps are here, available for free.) Price is as urbane as ever, and you can always hear the smile in his voice. Some say he was one of the few who captured the elan and confidence of the character. I never thought he was apt for the role, at least as played on the radio - they emphasized the humor, and the suave woo-machine aspect was unconvincing.


GEEK Isn’t this what we have a Smithsonian for?

After months of countless phone calls and enthusiastic Facebook messages, I was finally standing before the man who has made it his life’s mission to restore what remains of the bridge of the Enterprise-D from Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) and turn it into an interactive, nonprofit museum.


His hope is not only to restore the bridge fully, including making all of its computer terminals functional, but to make it available as a free, educational resource for all.

What’s left of the bridge? you ask. Last time we saw it, the bridge looked like this:


Well, there was a replica at the Vegas Star Trek Experience, so that’s the one they’re rebuilding. Not the same, really. Then again, this was a reconstruction, too:


Why didn't anyone try to save that set? 

That's it; see you around. Watch out for the shiny stuff on the ground. It hates you.