The archbishop agreed to answer several questions via e-mail:

Q Where is your favorite vacation spot?

A Near Lake Huron, where I have a small cottage.

Q Who is your favorite musician?

A Coming from Detroit, I have many favorite singers, particularly Diana Ross, the Temptations and all the great Motown figures.

Q What's your favorite book (besides the Bible)?

A There would be too many books for me to list. Certainly some of the great classics for me would be St. Augustine's "City of God" and his "Confessions"; Karl Rahner's "Spirit in the World"; Francis Schaeffer's "The God Who Is There."

Q What's a typical day in your life like?

A Usually I am up at 6 a.m. and begin with a half hour of exercise and then 15 minutes of stretches; then spend one-half hour in prayer; then shower and celebrate mass. Most of my mornings are taken up with meetings, as well as the afternoons. The evenings are usually involved in celebrating mass or attending various functions. My evening ends with prayer. The weekends are always filled with parish visits. The exception to the weekday schedule would be my school visits, which I very much relish.

Q Who do you most admire?

A In my lifetime, the two people that I admired the most would be Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen and Pope John Paul II.

Q At the end of your life, as you look back over all you have done, what do you hope you will be able to say is true about the life you led?

A I hope that people will look upon my life as having been a good and faithful servant of the Lord Jesus.