One landlord twice converted his duplex into an illegal rooming house. Three landlords ignored city orders to make repairs, and one couple owed back taxes on their properties.

All have been banned from the Minneapolis landlord business for five years by the City Council, after each landlord accumulated at least two rental-license revocations.

Earlier this year, the city began posting an online list of banned landlords and properties with revocations, condemnations and suspensions.

Last week, the council's regulatory, energy and environment committee recommended another tool to crack down on negligent landlords: denying them any new rental licenses for three years if they owe city fees or fines.

Here are the Minneapolis landlords given five-year suspensions in 2010. I found details of the conduct that led to the revocations in hearing officer reports for the Department of Regulatory Services.

Todd and Tracy Cushman: The city revoked two licenses in 2009 and another seven last year. Most of the properties were in north Minneapolis. The 2009 revocations, for properties on 1st Avenue S. and Bryant Avenue N., stemmed from delinquent assessments on the properties.

Randy Olson and Jennifer Deboer: In 2009, the city revoked licenses for three properties owned by Olson and Deboer. For one property on Upton Avenue N., Olson took three years to make repairs and racked up $5,000 in fines.

Two of their rental properties on Dupont Avenue N. never had licenses in the first place. Olson was fined $2,000 and told to obtain licenses. He also was fined $200 for vehicles parked in a yard.

Olson failed to pay any of the fines or obtain licenses.

Because of those revocations, licenses for four properties Olson and Deboer owned on Xerxes, Russell, Dupont and Thomas Avenues N. also were revoked and a rental application for a James Avenue N. property was denied.

Azzam Sabri: The city revoked one south Minneapolis license in May 2010 and a second one in June.

Inspectors found that Sabri had converted a duplex on Girard Avenue S. into rooming units and was renting out the basement and attic. Sabri corrected the violations, but less than a year later, the basement had been reoccupied and several unrelated people were illegally sharing a space.

The city also faulted Sabri for allowing work on the structure without permits. Sabri's second license was revoked for delinquent taxes on a property on W. Franklin Avenue.

Frank Zaragoza: The city revoked licenses for two units in a triplex Zaragoza owned in Stadium Village near the University of Minnesota.

Zaragoza received numerous citations for failing to paint the structure or to fix gutters, roofing, a guard rail, an exterior wall and portions of the foundation.

He neither disputed the citations nor paid the fines.

Earlier this month, the city revoked four more southeast Minneapolis rental licenses held by Zaragoza.

The City Council also revoked single rental licenses held by these landlords last year. They are allowed to keep their rental licenses for other properties.

• Donald Carlson

• William Cook

• Tommy Dao

• Osman Dirie

• Joseph and Sari Dominques

• Aaron and Mary Durkop

• Glen Ford

• Roland Gerken

• Jorge and Rodolfo Gonzalez

• Troy Hayden

• Robin Keaton

• Mahmood Khan

• Alan Kwong

• Kevin Murray

• Anthony Okafor

• Oluwaseun Omotosho

• Jason Quick

• Tyrone Reese

• Cesar Bravo Sebastian

• Mohammed Shahidullah

• Kevin Sheeley

• Wellspring LLC/Elizabeth Soll

• Joseph Yang

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