Movie star: Drew Barrymore.

Musician: Lady Gaga. *

TV star: Heidi Klum.

Reality TV star: "Some of the 'Idol' winners are very important! All 'Idol' winners."

Real housewife: The New York housewives.

Talk show host: Ellen DeGeneres.

Current 'Project Runway' contestant: "I don't know! I don't know anyone's name. I like that girl with long dark hair. [Shirin.] I like her," he said.

Magazine editor: "Anna [Wintour], just to be diplomatic about the situation. You might get tarred and feathered the next day. Actually, I have to say Nina [Garcia]. Don't let me get in trouble. I'm saying Nina." *

Website: Perez Hilton.

Personal best: Brad Walsh [Siriano's boyfriend] and Topper, the Chiweenie -- a mixed Chihuahua and dachshund.

Fierce couples: "Victoria and David. Brad and Angelina are boring," he said.