You might be considered the office dinosaur if you:

Have an embarrassing e-mail address or voice-mail message.

It seems pretty basic, but Catherine Byers Breet, a career coach, says an astonishing number of professionals still have e-mail addresses that should never grace a résumé. “ is not appropriate,” she said.

Don’t have a LinkedIn profile.

A presence on the professionally focused social network is a must. When potential employers Google you — and they will — you want a polished LinkedIn profile (complete with a recent photo of you) to show up.

Use a flip phone instead of a smartphone.

It’s hard to keep up with the latest communication trends if your phone can’t handle them.

Use a mouse constantly.

Watch the tech-savvy people around the office. They use key commands, such as punching “Control-S” instead of clicking save. Shortcuts are your friend.

Think tweeting is for the birds.

The social network Twitter offers more chances to network and access to a constant stream of career-related information.

Complain about every digital development.

If you think of new technologies as tools rather than to-dos, you won’t need to worry about becoming obsolete.