Siad Ali

Tracks in the Snow – Minnesota Muslim Experience Since 1880” exhibit has received tremendous response from Minnesotans. Most recently, this exhibit was on display at Walker Art Center until August 8. The exhibit is remarkable for the richness of diversity that it highlights from among Minnesota’s Muslims. If there is a sequel to the exhibit, one Somali-American Minnesotan who is sure to make the cut is Siad Ali.

Siad Ali was born in Somalia. During the civil war that gripped the nation in the early 1990s, he found himself heading toward India for higher education, where he attended Hyderabad’s famed Osmania University. He went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Computers, a MS in Commerce from Bundelkhand University in Jhansi, and a MBA from University of Pune.  

During his time in Hyderabad, he soaked up Hyderabadi culture and learned to speak both Urdu and Hindi. It is thus little wonder that he’s a popular figure in American Indian-Pakistani circles, where he easily connects with people.

After coming to Minnesota in 2000, Ali found his calling in education, where he worked as a Bilingual Educational Assistant for the Minneapolis Public Schools. He also served as an adjunct faculty member with the Riverland Community College in Owatonna. In 2007, he received his Master’s degree in education from the University of Minnesota.

Ali exudes a deep love of education. He speaks with great passion about topics that are close to his heart – addressing the achievement gap for Minneapolis students, increasing pay for teachers, and nurturing partnerships between schools and neighbors.

Now as a senior staffer and community outreach specialist for U.S. senator Amy Klobouchar, Siad Ali has a pulse of the community’s concerns. He plans to utilize this community-outreach experience as he runs for the Minneapolis School Board in the 3rd district. Siad Ali has picked up endorsements from both the DFL and Sen. Amy Klobouchar.

As a father of four young children, Ali is committed to sending his children to the Minneapolis Public Schools. Perhaps his uncontested candidature for the Minneapolis School Board is a sign of great things coming for this district. 

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