So how does a federal government shutdown affect operations at City Hall? Not much, at least for now. 

City spokesman Matt Laible said Monday that "most effects of the shutdown would come only if it lasted for an extended period of time." The most immediate impact would be that five Centers for Disease Control staffers who work on projects within the city's health department would be off the job immediately. 

It could eventually delay work on transportation projects if city staff are unable to meet with federal partners, Laible said. But they do not expect short-term transportation funding problems, however. 

The city's public housing authority's programs are federal funded, but have money to continue until December 31, according to a letter their executive director Cora McCorvey sent to city officials Monday. 

"As such, MPHA will continues normal operations even if a federal government shutdown occurs tomorrow," McCorvey wrote.

If the shutdown lasts through Thursday, city lobbyist Gene Ranieri will brief the City Council on the state of affairs.