'Recall' gets a makeover

Try to erase from your mind the first "Total Recall," that campy, 1990 Paul Verhoeven blockbuster in which Arnold Schwarzenegger pays a company to implant Mars vacation memories in his brain. While it might not be a fully realized take on Philip K.Dick's 1966 forward-thinking story, the 2012 remake is still a far better film than the Verhoeven version.

As Douglas Quaid, the role formerly occupied by Schwarzenegger, Colin Farrell displays an ever-evolving combination of bewilderment, terror and über-confidence as a man with no idea how he learned to handle ammunition, yet capable of firing guns while doing an action-hero gymnastic routine. He brings realism to a hyper-real situation, something that eluded Schwarzenegger.

The futuristic gadgets get fresh, fun updates: cellphones that can be implanted in human hands; currency featuring President Obama's face; and the Fall, a gravity-twisting, carnival ride version of a transit system that stands as the film's most compelling special-effects achievement.

The DVD (Sony, $31) includes a gag reel, "Total Recall Insight Mode," "Science Fiction vs. Science Fact" featurette and a behind-the-scenes look at set production. The Blu-ray ($36-$41) adds a director's cut with 20 minutes of new footage, commentary and seven featurettes.


Colin Covert's take: There's plenty to excite the eye, but the mind remains unboggled. It's all visuals and no vision.

Also out Tuesday:

Movies: "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days," "Liberal Arts," "Pitch Perfect," "Sleepwalk With Me," "10 Years," "Trouble With the Curve."

TV: "Californication" (Season 5), "Here's Lucy" (Season 6), "House of Lies" (Season 1), "Quincy, M.E." (Season 4), "Shameless" (Season 2).

Blu-ray debuts: "Death Ship," "Hans Christian Andersen," "Sometimes a Great Notion."

Out Friday:

Movies: "Arbitrage," "Killer Joe," "Premium Rush," "Resident Evil: Retribution."


New Xbox in the works?

A third-generation Xbox game console (maybe named 720?) is coming by next Thanksgiving, according to reports.

Xbox World says the new device will feature Kinect 2.0, a Blu-ray drive, a more sophisticated controller and an AV port for tuning and maybe recording TV shows through the Xbox Live Interface.

The timing of the "leak," shared first by Bloomberg News Service, is more than accidental. Microsoft sold a good crop of bundled-up Xbox 360 game consoles -- about 750,000 -- over the Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend. But shoppers who hesitated are probably weighing the other options out there, including the new Nintendo Wii U and bigger screen 3DS systems and Sony's PlayStation 3. The latter also is likely to get upgraded next year.

Microsoft has been jockeying for attention recently by offering Xbox 360 customers a free preview of its Xbox Live Gold service, including Xbox Video, Xbox Music and enhanced content from Xbox SmartGlass.



Twitter gets the picture

Twitter has released an update to its mobile apps that brings photo filters to its image service along with basic photo-editing abilities.

To edit a photo, just click the image icon, select the picture you want to use, and you'll get the edit photo page. You can apply one of eight filters, crop the image or run an auto-enhancer. The Android version is available now on Google Play, and the iPhone version should be out shortly in the iTunes app store.