Monster of a movie is worth a viewing

Right from the title, there's an off-putting air of pomposity about "I, Frankenstein."

The aura of goofy grandeur is enough to scare some viewers off the movie, an adaptation of Kevin Grevioux's graphic novel about Mary Shelley's monster, set in a modern-day dystopia being fought over by demons and angel-like gargoyles. Don't be frightened. The contents of the film are a lot more fun than the package looks.

Aaron Eckhart — his newly buff body covered with more stitches than a crazy quilt, and his handsome, scowling face a convincing mask of undead malaise — makes for a surprisingly deep and compelling antihero in this update of an antique monster movie for the Imax 3-D age.

Frankenstein's creature, called Adam for much of the movie before adopting the name of his scientist "father," Dr. Frankenstein, is the consummate outsider: not quite human, yet unwilling to fully ally himself with either of the film's supernatural warring parties.

The DVD and Blu-ray (Lionsgate, $30-$40) include commentary and featurettes.

Washington Post


Get in on group discussions

Microsoft is now offering Skype group video calling for free to users of Windows desktop, Mac and Xbox One.

The company also said it plans to offer the free group video calling capability across more platforms in the future. Previously, group video calling had been available to Windows desktop, Mac and Xbox One (with an Xbox Live Gold membership) users only with a Skype Premium account, which cost $10 a month (or less per month if paying by the full year).

Microsoft says group video calls can take place among three to 10 people, depending on the device. It recommends that they be limited to five people for the best quality.

Microsoft has not said when free group video calling will be available on other platforms.

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Turn headphones into a headset

Moov Mic ($20, is a clever accessory that turns your favorite headphones into a full headset for wireless calls, Skype or even gaming.

The setup takes seconds. You'll need headphones with a half-inch diameter port to connect the Moov Mic's magnet. Once attached, you're done. Just plug them together, and you're all set. No software, setup guide or anything — truly plug and play.

The mike is a flexible and positionable boom microphone, which has a windscreen to help the clarity. They sounded great in tests to callers.

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