True love blooms in ‘Endless’

“Endless Love” feels like Nicholas Sparks fan fiction as David Elliot (Alex Pettyfer), a wrong-side-of-the-tracks type, falls for blonde bookworm Jade Butterfield (Gabriella Wilde).

Both are recent high-school grads, but Jade is bound for Brown, while David has no plans beyond valeting at the local country club and working as a mechanic in his dad’s shop. Jade spent high school mourning the loss of her older brother or studying, so when the beefy popular kid shows an interest, she practically swoons. Not only does she fall deeply and immediately in love with David, but her other older brother and mother (Joely Richardson) become enamored with David’s romantic outlook, too. Who needs money when you have true love, the teen wonders aloud to the Butterfield clan as they lounge on the porch of the family manse.

The DVD (Universal, $30) includes a making-of featurette, while the Blu-ray ($35) adds an extended ending and deleted scenes.

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Also out Tuesday: “The Bob Newhart Show” (full series), “Covert Affairs” (Season 4), “Dragons: Defenders of Berk, Part 2,” “Suits” (Season 3).



Moviefone co-founder keeps it brief

Russ Leatherman, best known as the co-founder and voice of Moviefone, has found his new calling: extremely short movie reviews.

Leatherman’s bellowing intonations are getting a new outlet with “Six-Second Reviews” on the entertainment website Hitfix (www., featuring short videos that give visitors bite-sized takes on films such as “Godzilla” and end with his verdict of whether he’s “in” or “out.” Example: “ ‘Godzilla’ comes a little late to the party but makes up for it in pure movie monster badassery! I’m in!”

This marks Leatherman’s first venture since he left the AOL-owned Moviefone in November after a 25-year stint. There he provided the oft-parodied “Hello! And welcome to Moviefone!” greeting on its call-in service, which AOL shut down after his departure.

Although he has left the Mr. Moviefone character behind, Leatherman acknowledges that his voice has a certain, shall we say, distinctive quality that he brings to his new effort. “Unless I have some sort of throat surgery, this is what it is,” he said.

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Dress up your photos

Photofy (free for Apple and Android devices; upgrades 99 cents to $2.99) is the app for those who can’t have too many photo apps on hand. If you love crafting enviable inspirational quotations on Pinterest or generating greeting-card-quality cover photos on Facebook, this is for you. Add your own touch to photos, and share them with friends and family personally or through social media. You can add thousands of predesigned elements, including quotes, phrases, expressions, stickers, borders and frames, or generate your own. More than 90 free fonts and dynamic text editing tools are available.

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Top 10 handheld games

1. “Kirby: Triple Deluxe” • 2. “Luftrausers” • 3. “Fez” • 4. “Mario Golf: World Tour” • 5. “Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy” • 6 “Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster” • 7. “MLB 14: The Show” • 8. “TxK” • 9. “God of War Collection” • 10. “Yoshi’s New Island.”

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