Here's a sampling of average fees for medical procedures provided in the south metro area of the Twin Cities, according to


Stitches for a skin laceration


Stitches for a deeper wound


Sinus or ear infection, treatment at walk-in clinic


Sinus or ear infection, treatment at doctor's office


Chest X-ray


Hearing test, both ears


Test for fluid in middle ear



Appendectomy, surgical removal


Anesthesia for 1-hour appendectomy


Tetanus shot, walk-in clinic


Tetanus shot, physician's office


Complete blood count, differential

does not include physician visit


Office visit, limited exam, treatment

about 5 minutes with doctor


Treatment for flu, doctor's office

about 15 minutes with doctor


Treatment for flu, clinic

includes prescription and lab test, if needed


Knee MRI


Broken lower leg, surgical repair


Broken lower leg, one hour anesthesia


Many insurers post cost estimates for common treatments online.

Medica offers a range of prices for common procedures and allows you to search by facility type (same day surgery center versus a hospital, for example) at

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota members can research prices by provider at Non-members can receive general tips on saving money with a high-deductible plan through the Health Plans 101 link.

HealthPartners members can get individualized price estimates from multiple providers and estimate yearly medical costs at