A 21-year-old man who shot and killed a Shakopee resident last week has been arrested, along with an accomplice, authorities said Monday.

The alleged shooter, from Minneapolis, was apprehended Sunday afternoon in connection with the Oct. 22 shooting death of Aaron J. Moran, 32, in the victim's home.

Also arrested at roughly the same time was a 36-year-old man from Annandale. He is suspected of aiding the suspected killer after the fact, police added.

Neither suspect has been charged.

"Robbery still appears to be the motive behind the homicide," Police Chief Jeff Tate said in a statement. "At least one of the arrested is a former acquaintance of the victim."

Police said they are confident there are no other suspects in this crime.

The alleged shooter's last known address is at YouthLink, a downtown Minneapolis agency that helps young homeless people. His criminal history in Minnesota includes a conviction in 2010 for fifth-degree assault.

The older suspect has been convicted in the state for disorderly conduct, possession of brass knuckles, drug possession and drunken driving.