Audrey Totter has died at the age of 95. AP:

After landing a small part in "The Postman Always Rings Twice," Totter went on to a series of roles as tough-talking blondes.

Her breakthrough came with "Lady in the Lake," the 1947 adaptation of Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe detective tale. She also appeared in the thriller "The Unsuspected" and the boxing drama "The Set-Up." After retiring to raise a family, Totter later resurfaced on television.

She could stare down the camera like no one else. From “Lady in the Lake,” in handy GIF form:


There’s a reason “Totter Eyes” rhymes with “cauterize.”

OOPS Oh, just use any old stock art. Who’ll know? From Ahram Online:

Egypt's outgoing constitution-amending committee has repeatedly stressed that it has drafted a national charter that represents all Egyptians. The huge banner reading "All Egyptians Constitution" hanging in the background during Sunday's international press conference, however, barely reflected their assertion. Three out of the five people whose images were used on the banner appear to be foreigners.

The doc is from a site about getting rid of stretch marks. The fellow second from the right is from a story about Down Syndrome.

BEST KOREA More from the Potemkin Ski Resort:

Nothing but a stage set for the inner party. The picture of the little monster standing alone in the pathetic gift shop is particularly empty for Nork propaganda, which is saying something.

SCIENCE! Don’t panic, but the universe could collapse any second now.

Danish scientists say an expanding bubble of existential doom could crush the Universe into a tiny ball. And crazily, the odds of this collapse is higher than previously thought.

This theory isn't actually new. But the scientists who conducted the new study say previous calculations were incomplete. Their new, more precise calculations, now show that (1) the universe will probably collapse, and (2) a collapse is even more likely than the old calculations predicted.

The question is whether this has been foreseen by our lizardoid overlords, or whether they control it. In related news, the “Unanswered Mystery of 7,000-year-old Ubaid Lizardmen.” In statuary form. Tila Tequila is jumping all over the place right now saying “SEE? SEE?