Q: Enlighten me. “Shawshank Redemption” is a great movie. That said, how come AMC has been running this film back to back to back almost every day? Do they have no other films in the archives, or is there that much demand for a 1994 movie?

A: I think that particular film has always done quite well ratings-wise, which could explain it. AMC certainly has plenty of films to choose from. When I checked the schedule after receiving this question, I saw only two airings over 10 days, so I can’t say why the film may have aired multiple times before that in the same week. An AMC publicist did not respond to a request for comment.

A ‘Bold’ question about ‘B&B’

Q: Could you please tell me how to contact producers of “The Bold and the Beautiful” to tell them how bad their show is? One topic for how many years?

A: Contact CBS, which carries “The Bold and the Beautiful,” at CBS, Entertainment, 4024 Radford Av., Studio City, Calif., 91604, or call 1-818-655-1500.

A Tiger in your ’hood

Q: Are they making new episodes of “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood”? It is a big hit, but it seems like it’s the same episodes over and over.

A: Yes. PBS ordered 40 episodes and more than half have been delivered, giving PBS enough episodes to air the show for a month without any reruns. New episodes will be rolled in with previously aired episodes and are scheduled to air on April 1, April 22 and May 3 and three new episodes the week of May 20.

Borders on big-screen TVs

Q: We spend a lot of money to buy a big-screen TV, and some programs have the picture size reduced by black and silver borders. Why is that?

A: It could be for one of several reasons: You could be seeing older programs that were not shot in HD. Or you could be watching via a cable provider that is not making certain channels available in HD. Viewers won’t see those bars on most new prime-time programming because it’s overwhelmingly shot in HD. But if it’s a rerun, all bets are off.

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