Now you can wear that great Instagram shot of the sunset.

SeeMe, an iOS app, turns digital photos into custom t-shirts. Just imagine -- you wear a t-shirt with a foodie shot you took last week while Instagramming your breakfast this week. And someone takes a picture of that scene and puts it on a t-shirt, too. Whoa.

Despite the potential for wacky attire, SeeMe has a nice array of photos to choose from if you don't want to upload your own. The app is an extension of the online SeeMe network of people interested in art and design.  SeeMe founder William Etundi Jr. told Tech Crunch that the network includes more than 1 million members; 200,000 have created t-shirt designs.

A t-shirt from SeeMe will set you back $32. So, not cheap. But it's nice that $6 of that purchase goes to the person who uploaded the photo. If you're not interested in wearing your artwork, SeeMe also lets you send postcards.

PSFK quotes Etundi via press release: "Imagine being on a road trip and seeing a gorgeous field of sunflowers... the perfect photo. What if you could do more than just share that image online? What if you could turn it into something you can wear or gift to a friend? SeeMe is bringing creativity back to the real world."

Too bad there's probably not time to get your cat's face on a t-shirt to wear to tonight's Internet Cat Video Fest at the Walker Art Center.

(Photo: Screen shot of a very quick attempt at making a SeeMe t-shirt, featuring the almost unbelievable pirate ship from my colleague Aimee Blanchette's story about fantastic pontoons.)

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