Rodriguez at the Fitz/ Star Tribune photo by Kyndell Harkness

That was Sixto Rodriguez’s daughter and his girlfriend who escorted him onstage Wednesday at the Fitzgerald Theater.

Three understated musicians from Detroit backed the laidback man in black with the Neil Young posture, including Matt Smith, whose electric guitar pretty much defined the style of every tune.

My review addressed the mysterious singer's unexpected warmth and charm. He was strikingly witty. Musical highlights included the jaunty "I Wonder," a perfect (and timeless) pop song; the kiss-off "Forget It"; "To Whom It May Concern," which sounded like a standard; the breezy jazz-pop stroll of "I Think of You" and the Dylan-evoking "Like Janis."

Here is Rodriguez’s set list from Wednesday:

Climb Up on My Music/ Only Good for Conversation/ I Wonder/ Just One of Those Things (Cole Porter)/ Inner City Blues/ Crucify Your Mind/ Establishment Blues/ Dead End Street/ Lucille (Little Richard)/ Sugar Man/ I Think of You/ Can’t Get Away/ Rich Folks Hoax/ Like Janis/ To Whom It May Concern/ Street Boy/ Sea of Heartbreak (Don Gibson)/ You’d Like To Admit It/ Love Me or Leave Me (Nina Simone)/ I Only Have Eyes for You (Flamingos)/ Forget It ENCORE Like a Rolling Stone (Bob Dylan)/ Fever (Little Willie John)/ Live Till I Die (Frank Sinatra)

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