Rep. Tony Sertich will be the next commisioner of the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board, the Star Tribune has confirmed. 

The appointment, first reported by the Virginia-based Mesabi Daily News, means that Gov. Mark Dayton will not only get his pick at the powerful northern Minnesota agency but also that he will get to chose the date to fill Sertich's seat in the Minnesota Legislature.

Tony Sertich/Minnesota House

Tony Sertich/Minnesota House


The pick is Dayton's first of a sitting legislator to fill his cabinet.

Sertich, of Chisholm, was the majority leader when Democrats were in charge of the House and thought to be first in line to become speaker had the DFL kept control in the 2010 elections. Republicans took over the House so Sertich lost power.

Sertich's new position will give Iron Rangers a strong voice in the Dayton cabinet.

Dayton is expected to officially name Sertich to the post on Tuesday.

Sertich, like all appointees, will keep his job subject to confirmation by the Republican-controlled Senate.


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