Star Tribune reporter Kevin Ducschere sends this update from the field.

Tony Sertich has some news for the Kelliher faithful.

“From Chicago, Illinois: Minnesota Twins 10, Chicago White Sox 5,” he said, to cheers.

“Also, I’ve learned that Matt Entenza has just conceded.”

Sertich introduced Sen. Al Franken, who seemed to alternately claim victory for Kelliher and caution that it was too early to do just that.

“Now we have to wait. I know about – you know. It’s not a good idea to claim victory early,” said Franken, who waited seven months before taking his Senate seat after his razor-thin victory over  Norm Coleman.

But Franken also congratulated Entenza and Mark Dayton for spirited, positive campaigns, even though Dayton has not conceded. And he said that it will be “a pleasure to have a partner in St. Paul” helping to make Minnesota the best state “in everything.”

To Kelliher volunteers, Franken said: “Tonight is your night. You did it. You did the work.”

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