An attempt to revive the fireworks bill by overriding Gov. Mark Dayton's veto failed in the Senate on Thursday.

The vote means Dayton's veto stands. Last weekend, he vetoed a bill that would have legalized more powerful consumer fireworks such as rockets and firecrackers. Dayton said he did so out of concerns that the bill would cause more injuries and fires.

The Senate sponsor, Sen. Mike Jungbauer, R-East Bethel, argued that fireworks that are already legal, such as sparklers, cause more injuries among children than the rockets included in his bill. He said Christmas trees and Thanksgiving Day kitchen fires are also far more destructive, and Minnesotans are already purchasing the products in neighboring states and using them here.

But Sen. John Harrington, DFL-St.Paul, a former St. Paul police chief, said many laws are difficult to enforce, but that does not mean the laws should be abandoned.

The vote was 37-29 to override the veto. However, 45 votes are needed in the 67-member Senate for an override.



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