Sen. Amy Klobuchar hit the national late night stage Monday night when she sat down with Stephen Colbert on his "Late Show." The Minnesota senator appeared alongside colleague Sen. Claire McCaskill from Missouri. The democrat duo, each with a newly published memoir to hawk, followed on the heels of political stars, Vice President Joe Biden, former President Bill Clinton and assorted presidential hopefuls — Jeb Bush, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Asked if their memoirs signaled a run for president, Klobuchar and McCaskill laughed, saying they’re hoping for a Madame President — Hillary Clinton.

Klobuchar and McCaskill are two of only 20 women in the Senate and they often make the most of it. Sometimes the women gather on the floor, “not that we’re really talking about anything important. Just to scare the guys to death,” McCaskill said.

The female senators also often gather for “civility dinners” to get to know one another, and that leads to women getting things done, Klobuchar said.

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