As preparations for Feb.  2 caucuses ramp up, Republican candidates for governor state Rep. Marty Seifert and state Rep. Tom Emmer released a bit of news Thursday to show their strength and woo supporters.

Seifert's campaign released two radio ads, all under the rubric of " The Minnesota Minute."

"it is easy for some people to talk about cutting government. I've already done it," Seifert said in one of the ads, called "Take Action."

Seifert also said in the ad: "Under my leadership with House Republicans we upheld every one of Gov. Tim Pawlenty's vetoes last year."

While that's true for 2009, it also requires a reminder that he was leader of the GOP House caucus in 2008 when six of its members joined with Democrats to override Pawlenty's veto of a gas tax increase.

You can hear the ads here.


Seifert came by to talk a little more about his ads.

He said it was a five figure -- closer to $10,000 than $99,000 -- statewide -- on stations like KTalk, the Patriot and the farm network.)

Emmer Thursday released not an ad but the list of his steering committee members.

The list includes a number of veteran Republican Party activists and former supporters of Patricia Anderson's gubernatorial campaign. Anderson dropped out of the race last week and had significant support from movement Republicans, including those who supported Ron Paul's presidential campaign in 2008.

"Winning campaigns require great people and strong organizations. The Emmer for Governor Steering Committee is made up of people who share our conservative view of government and have the experience to win," Emmer said.

You can read the entire list of supporters here.

Emmer and Seifert are vying in a field of seven GOP candidates for Republican endorsement.


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