After a heated primary campaign, Hennepin County aide Kari Dziedzic pulled away with the DFL nomination last night in the race to replace Sen. Larry Pogemiller in eastern Minneapolis.

The story in today's paper covered the highlights, but lets break down some of the numbers. Here's the spread:


KARI DZIEDZIC 1,965 32.11
MOHAMUD NOOR 1,626 26.57
PETER WAGENIUS 1,089 17.80
PAUL OSTROW 792 12.94
JACOB FREY 473 7.73

Dziedzic pulled her most support from precincts in the Waite Park and Audobon Park neighborhoods.

Noor garnered 554 votes from the precinct surrounding the Riverside Plaza apartments, a support rate of 95 percent in that precinct. That area's 580 vote total far surpassed any other precinct in the election.

Wagenius won handily in the Prospect Park precinct, but failed to garner the same support just west in the heart of the University of Minnesota. The eastern section of campus overwhelmingly supported Jacob Frey, the youngest candidate in the race, accounting for about a quarter of his total. The western and northern quandrants of campus went for Dziedzic.

After the Riverside Plaza precinct, the next highest turnout came from the Como neighborhood, where Dziedzic posted a strong showing.

Check here for a full precinct breakdown.