Each week, commenter Newbie writes about a sport off the beaten path. This week, he is particularly humorous. Newbie?


Last night was a whirlwind of activity for the Timberwolves.  In the post draft interview with David Kahn, things got a little more confusing with Michael Rand here at RandBall.

As such, this post has changed many times over the course of the night.

With the first section of this post, I was going to write about the beginning of the Championships at Wimbledon.  There would have been something clever written about Sabine Lisicki and how with each win her image trend on Google increases.  How she's got a serve faster than Kurt Busch in a loaner car, but as Andy Roddick will tell you a big serve does not win majors.  Thankfully for her she doesn't have to compete against Roger Federer in his prime.  Unfortunately, that feature was traded to "Clearance Clarence" in exchange for directions to an outstate bar and cash considerations.

For a few minutes, I was excited to see what Clarence could do with a tennis post.  Until...

That feature was traded to Rocket who simply used it to insult Stu.  (This will prove to be the best value of the night.)  It should also be noted that joke was repeated by Stuart Scott and met with awkward silence by Jeff Van Gundy, who I don't think understands English.

That joke was then traded to Stu, via Access Vikings, for cash considerations and a Hunt Down on Glen Taylor's wallet that hasn't been seen since Kahn was hired because every trade has involved cash considerations, rendering it superfluous.

Commenters azgginchi and lattewarrior were briefly traded to PopCrush in the mix-up, but Rand was able to get them back in exchange for a new picture of Lindsay Lohan.

Finally, somehow through it all, the post that we ended up with was from roughkat previewing a foot race. Look, we can't always question Kahn's plan.  Sometimes we just have to go with it and hope this will help the Wolves in the long run. Roughkat?

Saturday is the Western States race starting at Squaw Valley, Calif., and ending in Auburn, Calif.  It's considered the "Boston Marathon" of ultrarunning.  There's a lottery just to get in and you have to qualify for that by running either 50 miles in 11 hours, 100k in 14 hours or any other 100 mile race.  It's a stacked field in both the men's and women's race this year.  The men's winner will probably run around 15 hours.  
The two favorites in the race are Geoff Roes and Killian Jornet.  Roes is 35 and has never been beat in a 100 mile race. He basically lives in a shack in Colorado and runs a lot.  Jornet is 23 and from France.  He's a great mountain runner and last year's Western States race was really his first race in North America.
I was at last year's race to support a friend that was running.  I know I'm a running rube, but it was exciting to watch the race unfold throughout the day.  Imagine a horse race that lasts 100 miles (which is actually how this race began) with Paul Allen doing the commentary and the lead horses battling for the lead.  Roes didn't take the lead for good until mile 88 and even then was looking over his shoulder for 2nd place.  This year should be just as exciting for both the men and women.

100 miles?  Wow.  That's like, almost 4 marathons.  Consecutively.  Or basically Minneapolis to Little Falls.  That's far to run.  Good luck, runners.

So, that's how we got here.  Of course none of this is official until it is reviewed by the NBA, the FCC, and the Star Tribune comment moderator.

Your thoughts on running 100 miles or Wimbledon are welcome below.

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