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In an effort to capitalize on others success and the fact that another golf major is coming up that will be sans Tiger, I thought I'd take a stab at a "Stu's Hunt Down."

Name: Eldrick Tont Woods
Nickname: Tiger
Claim to Fame, RandBall:  He is 0 for 2 in major championships while Michael Rand has followed him as a member of the media.

Claim to Fame, Minnesota:
Has won 0 major championships held within the state, including his first loss in a major with the lead heading into the final round.  He also reportedly dated this Bemidji woman while he was in college, and she gives the ... conservative details here.
Claim to Fame, Everywhere Else:  Like most professional athletes, he was able to find success outside the state of Minnesota by winning a total of 14 majors, 71 tour events, and 3 amateurs.
Where He Is Now: Currently, he is living in a modest estate in Florida.  After a stint in rehab, his first wife filed for divorce citing infidelity -- which Woods admitted to. Oh and a doctor that he worked with was implicated and pleaded guilty for smuggling illegal PED's into the US.  After losing most of his regular sponsors, he is now the face of a heat rub in Japan.  He is still the highest paid athlete that has spent most of this season under-performing and injured, despite what the Mauer haters will tell you.  Actually he is still the highest paid athlete period.  So he should be OK, thanks.
Gratuitous and strange question from the proprietor: Would you rather be the face of a heat rub or the heat of a face rub? Discuss.
Is He On Twitter: Yes.
Glorious Randomness 1: Tiger Woods will turn 36 in December.  I'll assume he is out for this year with his current injury, and will come back next year.  Both Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus won each of the four majors after the age of 35.  In fact, six of the game's best players won at least four majors after 35 (which is what he needs to tie Mr. Nicklaus' record.)  Don't forget he went all of 2003 and 2004 without a major and that was "in his prime," so we should cool the "Tiger is done" talk until he is at least 40.

Glorious Randomness 2: Tiger Woods has never won the US Women's Open, mainly for lack of trying.  Quitter. However, Paula Creamer has.  I saw her tee off at the Open here at Interlachen and she walked over and threw a pink ball to the little girl standing next to me.  I did not reach out and take it from her.  These days that makes me a hero, right?  Whatever, that tourney is underway this weekend and already weather delayed.
Glorious Randomness 3:  The Sprint Cup is holding it's first race at Kentucky Speedway for a Saturday night race. Tiger Woods has no known affiliation with NASCAR.  But I felt remiss not to mention it.

For what it is worth, while I am not a Tiger "bo-bo." I am not going to discount what he is capable of.  Golf is a sport that can be played deep into life and for unique athletes, much success can still be had.  Tiger did change the face of golf and is still capable of putting together a quality weekend.  Even if he never golfs again (unlikely), there are some exciting young kids coming up that are worth watching.

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