An Eden Prairie house owned by Scott County Attorney Ron Hocevar, which became a point of contention in the 2014 election, was sold in a foreclosure sale in Hennepin County last week.

The house owned by Ronald and Marcia Hocevar in the 17000 block of Valley Road in Eden Prairie was sold to U.S. Bank National Association in an Oct. 23 foreclosure sale for $456,000. Hocevar said he has hired an attorney to challenge the sale.

Hocevar lived on Valley Road until moving to a rented home in Prior Lake in July 2014. His Eden Prairie residency was criticized by opponent Jim Terwedo in last year’s race for Scott County attorney. But Hocevar countered that he had moved to Prior Lake and knew the community well after 15 years as chief deputy in the county attorney’s office.

Hocevar said this week that he is renting the Eden Prairie home to someone whom he declined to identify.

“We are working amicably to save the home and have a rescission of the sale,” Hocevar said of the foreclosure.

Hocevar confirmed that he is renting the Prior Lake home from Pawn America CEO Brad Rixmann, who endorsed Hocevar and donated $300 to his campaign last year, according to campaign finance records.

A legal challenge to the Oct. 23 foreclosure sale would be the second court battle over the Hocevars’ house. They sued U.S. Bank in 2013 for foreclosing on the property before they could complete a mortgage modification process in 2012.

According to the complaint filed by the Hocevars, they were delinquent on their mortgage because of “unforeseeable financial difficulties” and requested assistance in late 2011. In January 2012, they requested a modification of their mortgage. They said they met the bank’s deadline for providing additional information, but the bank sold the home at a foreclosure sale in November 2012.

A judge decided in favor of the Hocevars in that lawsuit, voiding the foreclosure and restoring their mortgage.