Brian Robison turned on his phone after Sunday's loss to the Packers and saw he had more than 500 mentions on Twitter. It didn't take him long to realize they weren't sending words of encouragement.

"I'd say probably 87 percent of them were Packer fans," the Vikings defensive end said.

Their responses aren't suitable for a family newspaper.

That's what one split-second lapse in judgment and a swift kick to an opponent's genitalia will do to a guy's Twitter account. Robison made national news for all the wrong reasons when he planted his left foot in T.J. Lang's groin after a field-goal attempt in the second quarter.

Lying on his back, Robison landed a direct shot in a spot that made every man cringe. Or as Lang described it, the "sweet spot." TV replays captured the act. Lang called it a "pretty cowardly move" when he spoke to the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Robison apologized to Lang on Twitter and said he would like to talk to him on the phone too. How exactly do you begin that conversation?

Sooo, how's it going? How's the weather up there?

"Anytime you do something like that, you regret it," Robison said. "But it's kind of like I explained to him, I wasn't going for the [groin]. It happened to land there. It's something that I wish I could have back."

Yes, it was one strange day at Winter Park on Monday. Nothing like Brett Favre sexting or the Metrodome roof collapsing, but the needle definitely moved on the bizarre meter. 

With Pondermania in full swing and cornerback Chris Cook still in jail, Donovan McNabb stood in one area of the locker room and responded to a report that he's habitually tardy to meetings and practice.

A few feet away, Bernard Berrian gave one of the oddest interviews ever recorded. He fielded 41 questions in a span of 5 minutes, 33 seconds. Unlike most Berrian interviews, it wasn't even combative. It just required some form of telepathy.

Essentially, Berrian said he was asked not to talk about whatever he and coach Leslie Frazier talked about in their meeting to discuss whether he will remain on the team, which he will find out Tuesday in another meeting that he won't be able to talk about. Got it? 

Only the Vikings can have a player kick an opponent below the belt and it not be the weirdest thing to discuss. Robison seemed genuinely sorry for losing his composure in the heat of the moment.

Throughout his five-year career here, Robison always has come across as a straight shooter who plays hard but within the rules. He hopes people don't brand him a dirty player for that one momentary lapse. Lang accepted his apology on Twitter.

"If you don't know a player, that's the first thing they saw of me, especially on national TV, that doesn't help at all," Robison said. "I'm not a dirty player and I think he knows that. It's something that's out of character for me. I don't plan on repeating it in the future."

Robison said he initially thought he kicked Lang in the leg. And then he was informed that he hit him higher.

"I'm like, 'Great, this is going to be fun,' " he said, sarcastically.

A friend texted from California and told Robison he was on the Yahoo! home page. Packers fans flooded his Twitter account with venom after Robison noted that he did not "maliciously aim for the groin."

"There were some people that came back and said, 'Well, I guess if a guy shoots a gun and accidentally hits [someone] then it's not murder,' " Robison said. "I'm like, 'How do you even compare that to murder?' Whatever."

Robison said he hadn't heard from the NFL office as of Monday afternoon, but he knows punishment is coming. He's likely going to receive a pretty substantial fine later this week.

"Got to do what they say," he said.

And what did his wife say about his misdeed?

"She probably won't be too happy on Thursday when she sees a little money missing out of the check," he said.

Chip Scoggins •