I tweeted on Monday that Vikings coach Leslie Frazier didn't appear too happy about rookie Cordarrelle Patterson's playing time on Sunday.

Frazier said that issue would be "rectified" when asked why Patterson played only six snaps one week after being on the field for only five offensive plays in the opener against Detroit.

Well, Frazier elaborated on that subject with Mark Craig for his story today. Frazier called Patterson's lack of playing time an "major oversight" by the coaching staff.

"He should be out there," Frazier said. "We've just got to get him on the field."

This was not a good performance by the coaching staff in the 31-30 loss to the Bears. Frazier repeatedly criticized himself for not managing the late-game defensive series better. He admitted he probably should have called a timeout as the Bears drove for the winning touchdown.

The VIkings had at least two communication breakdowns in the final four plays that resulted in a 23-yard pass play and the game-winning touchdown.

And Frazier's comments on Patterson do not reflect well on offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave and his staff. It makes no sense why Patterson, in two games, has played fewer offensive plays than Joe Webb.

Mark's story has a good breakdown of how much other rookies wide receivers have played through two weeks.

Christian Ballard update: Backup defensive tackle Christian Ballard left the team during training camp for unknown reasons. Former Vikings beat writer Tom Pelissero of USA Today tracked down Ballard in his hometown of Lawrence, Kansas.

Ballard told Pelissero that he left because he "wasn't living right."

Frazier said during camp that the team has moved on and isn't anticipating Ballard returning this season. If Ballard does decide to play football again, the Vikings control his rights for two seasons.

Ballard also commented on a Yahoo! Sports link to the USA Today story. He first tweeted "check out the comment I left for you guys" and this comment appeared as one of nearly 2,000 on the story ...

Hello everyone my name is Christian Ballard i was born on a navy base in Virginia January 3rd 1989 that is where my mom and dad meet they were both enlisted. i lived there for two years before moving to marietta Ga growing up i never had much my mom and dad fought tooth and nail to get by i never wore the cool sneakers or had cool clothes my dad got a job for the coast guard so we move to lawrence ks life was better but my parents were in so much debt it was insane as i sooner found out they did what they could so i could go to school had a decent car and lived in a decent house they did so much for me that i knew i had to re pay them back someday

When i made it to the NFL i had already took a four year break from church my relationship with my parents who did so much for me was almost no existent my son hardly knew who i was because my job to priority over all. in the article my mother said i view things from a different outlook which is true but in reality over the past 6 7 years i have been involved with football that is all i have done is viewed i watched people change their entire outlook on life and lose all morals because the money was god. i was actually a victim myself. the party lifestyle that everyone is so programmed to see is exactly why i left. i hated that life we are programmed to greed it is human nature. but when u have it all sometimes in a few cases you lose it all. take a look at this. i was part of 1% of people in our country that make as much money as i did. do you guys know out of that 1% of people try and guess how many of them care about you or would even take the time to recognize that you were even alive.... lol i can assure you that out of the 1% of my income bracket less than 1% cared you even were breathing. but that is what people strive for. and that IS WHO I WAS BECOMING they say if i made this money this is what i would do. so here is what i did made money gave more than half of it to my family and son they are taken care of i dont have a lot but i never did and i have enough to survive i have screwed up so many times and i will always screw up im only human and if u dont screw up nice to meet you Jesus! but just look in this time this article has turned from me into a discussion about our goverment in fact any real news does Zimmerman the shooting at the school everything that happens turns right back to obama or bush or whoever is in office thats crazy maybe instead of focusing on why im trying to live a better life for me and my family and my children ask me the question how because that is the only real question left

take care all those who support me and those who dont follow me on twitter christian_b99 (likely to change soon) and thanks for reading

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