Thirteen schools have been listed by Minneapolis schools as those heading for targeted mid-year academic tuneups mandated by Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson.

The schools are Andersen, Anthony, Anwatin, Bancroft, Bryn Mawr, Folwell, Jefferson, Johnson, Pillsbury, Sanford, Seward, Sullivan and Whittier.

The short-term strategies were developed between the district's three area superintendents and their principals, and are designed to add people and modify teaching to accelerate student progress.

Johnson also announced that four principals will temporarily assist the associate superintendents in carrying out the strategies beyond their own buildings.  The four are Ron Wagner of Sullivan, Joe Rossow of Dowling, Lucilla Yira of Windom, and Leadriane Roby of Johnson. They'll continue to be responsbile for their own schools while working with other principals.

Among the strategies the district is trying are adding literacy specialists to schools, both from within and outside the district; developing sets of small group and class-wide strategies, bringing English learner and special education specialists into classrooms more, expanding study halls aimed at helping high school students regain missed credits, and increasing emphasis on tracking credit progress.

Some schools will get beefed-up after-school instruction, while Folwell, Andersen and Sullivan/Anishinabe will get Saturday classes in key subjects aimed at students whose family situations don't allow them to stay after school.