Mayoral candidate Gary Schiff’s campaign manager has stepped down, saying he does not believe there is “a path to victory” for the council member’s mayoral bid.

Mark Warren’s departure comes after Schiff placed third twice at Saturday’s DFL convention, eventually throwing his support behind Betsy Hodges. Warren is a veteran of New Jersey politics and worked in several roles for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

City Pages first reported the change-up on Monday.

In an interview with the Star Tribune Monday, Warren was initially reluctant to elaborate on why he left. But when asked if he had always planned to leave after the convention, he said it hinged on Schiff’s chances of winning the general election.

"If there was a path to victory, I would have been willing to stay,” Warren said. “I personally did not see a path to victory on Saturday night's results."

Warren confirmed he was referring to the November election.

Schiff has not returned a message seeking comment.

Photo: Schiff announcing his mayoral bid this January (Bruce Bisping)