Long before refrigeration existed, breweries used to store their beer in caves and cool them with ice harvested from local lakes and rivers. This was especially true when brewing lagers, which require colder temperatures in order to reach fermentation. Schell’s Stag Series # 9 Cave-Aged Barrel-Aged Lager takes advantage of this method and the result is quite impressive.

Cave-Aged Barrel-Aged Lager has an inviting aroma made up of roasted coffee, vanilla, and chocolate. This brew was aged in wooden whiskey barrels giving it a subtle charred oak and vanilla flavors which compliment the roasted coffee and chocolate. It comes in strong at 7.7% ABV but it drinks much lighter than that.

What I like most about the beer itself is that it’s not syrupy like many barrel-aged brews. I also appreciate the fact that I could enjoy a full pint without becoming intoxicated. I tend to like a little more whiskey flavor than this beer provides but I don’t find myself missing it all that much given the complexity of flavor in this fine Stag Series entry.




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