I’ve written about saving money through your employer before – but it bears a repeat.

Companies and organizations everywhere try hard to offer the best benefit packages to attract top candidates. It’s easy to lose sight of this when employment rates are high and many are still competing to find jobs. But, the employer too – is in this tough job market.

Due to the competition, there are several ways employees can save money through their employer. The following are some benefits that you might be eligible for at your place of work. If they aren’t offered, you may want to check with your human resources department.


  • Gym memberships or discounted memberships. Given the new year, many people are looking to make good on resolutions. Enter in: the health club. Many employers offer free or discounted memberships at health clubs through their insurance provider.
  • Discounted Microsoft® software. Through the Microsoft Home Use Program – you can get the suite of Office products for cheap. While your employer may not publicize this – you may want to go directly to your IT dept for the special code you’ll need to enter at Microsoft.
  • Event tickets. Through organizations like MERSC, companies are able to get tickets at cost or less and offer these to their employees.
  • Tuition costs. This is a great benefit to utilize at your workplace. Many companies see the value in employees who are “bettering” themselves through education and are happy to reward this.
  • Travel discounts. Rental cars, flights and even hotels often will have special company rates which have been pre-negotiated. You may need to enter a special code or show a card to get the break in price.
  • Cheaper shipping. Your workplace also may have set rates with various shipping companies. The company I work for also extends these rates to the employees. These prices are generally cheaper than you’ll find elsewhere.

Are there any other ways you've found to save through your employer?

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