Were you watching the same Olympics that Dennis and Rosemarie Mitchell of Duluth were watching?

Here's what they saw, according to their Letter to the Editor published on the Duluth News Tribune web site:

"The entertainment of this latest Olympics was dark, loud, sexualized with scanty clothes and revealing cleavage on women, and with disturbing pagan noise. Connecting children, beds plus frightening villains made one think of pedophiles. The black and red colors of sex and violence dominated most of the closing. The nuns were obviously there to mock Christianity while one could only think of Satan being glorified."

And this:

"Past Olympics had spectacular bright, cheerful and family-style entertainment but the English seem to have put teens who worship Satan in charge. It was disgraceful and we suffered through them hoping for some improvement. Some of the clothes the competitors wore also reflect the sexualized entertainment. The male swimmers look unprofessional with their hip-huggers trunks stopping just above their pubic region, as also the women’s track and volleyball with their underwear-bikinis."

There's more, but you'll have to go fetch it for yourself.

When Upload wants to hear about Satan, we go here:



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